Minimize Loss of Credit in Transfer

Let DegreeQuest Help You Preserve the College Credit You Earned!

There is nothing in the world more frustrating than to have credit be rejected in transfer by colleges and universities. You worked hard completing the courses in the past, used your tuition benefits or paid your own earned money for the tuition and books, and spent precious time going to class. As you can see in the image here, recent statistics from the U.S. Dept. of Education's National Center for Education Statistics show that 56 percent of all students transfer from one college to another at some point on their journey to a degree. In addition, there are more than 31 million adults who have started college, but never finished a degree . . . 21 million of them have earned a year or more of college credit. The research shows that 90 percent of them will lose credit in transfer. In fact, 40 percent will lose most of their credit, while 15 percent lose everything in transfer! It DOES NOT have to be that way: With the power of DegreeQuest ®, students can minimize loss of credit in transfer.

We'll help you maximize the application of the credit they earned in the past in transfer with the support of our cutting-edge technology, DegreeQuest ®. We can uncover which degrees are the right ones for each person to consider by digitally streaming their credit into the curricula of thousands of degrees across the nation to find the ones that best fit what you have already earned in the past.

Have you decided to change majors in the past and have been told that many of the courses that you previously took no longer apply to the new degree that you want to earn? We can help find degrees in the subjects desired that will allow you to fit the credit previously earned in the initial program of study into the new field of study, maximizing the application of the credit earned in the past, thereby saving a significant amount of time and money as you pursue new goals in higher education. If you really enjoy taking courses at local colleges, we can facilitate a provider-recipient relationship where you can take the courses locally, while transferring the credit to one of our participating colleges or universities whose curriculum requirements accommodate maximum application of the credit you have earned in the past.

Circumventing Loss in Transfer

Transfer of Marginal Scores

Some students spent a bit too much time partying during the early years of their college life and not enough time studying. The evidence is in their scores - less than stellar scores on many of the courses they completed in the past. With the support of many of our participating colleges, courses in which you earned an "F" disappear and, if employees desire to transfer those in which they earned a grade of "D" toward their new degrees, that can be arranged, as long as their overall grade point average can be brought up to a 2.0 or better. (The rule of thumb is that for every "D" that an employee has earned in the past, he or she will need another course in which a grade of "B" or better is earned to balance the GPA scales. An "A" in another subject can raise two "D's" from the past up to the minimum standards for their overall GPA.) If you have earned low scores in courses in the past, let us help you recover the credit, rather than loose it in transfer.

National Accreditation can transfer into Regionally Accredited degrees with our support

Credit from colleges and universities that are regionally accredited actually have greater transferability than do courses from nationally accredited colleges and universities. Colleges that are nationally accredited are listed in the publication Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education by the American Council on Education in the same way that colleges that are regionally accredited are listed. As such, the federal government (and most employers) recognize the degrees earned from both nationally accredited and regionally accredited colleges.

Many of those whom we serve have found some local colleges unwilling to accept the credit earned in the past from a nationally accredited college, but, don't despair. We have numerous degrees in our DegreeQuest ® system in which students can transfer nationally accredited courses into regionally accredited degree programs. With our support, we can help transition the credit into a field of study desired that would recognize the courses in transfer and help accelerate the progress of the student toward the degree desired. We can help you transfer nationally accredited courses, as well, if needed. We help remove barriers to transferability for those whom we serve.