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Send Us Your Transcripts ... DegreeQuest Will Amaze You!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to discover the degrees that best fit the credit you have earned in the past. Send us your transcripts and we'll show you what DegreeQuest can do!.

Get the Credit You Deserve for Your Learning Experiences

We create electronic education records for students which include all of the credit they have earned in the past, including military credit, professional training from corporations and gov't agencies, CLEP tests, etc.

Your Credit Digitally Streams Into Degree Requirements

With the click of a button, your credit streams into degree requirements of accredited colleges nationwide, identifying the best matches to the credit you earned which match your goals.

Colleges for Working Adults Engage With You

Three to five of the colleges that are optimal choices for you will review the detailed information in the degree plans created with DegreeQuest, empowering you to make an informed choice.

Watch This Video & Hear From Students, Colleges & Leaders

This brief 4 minute video shows how important the support provided by DegreeQuest is to students, colleges and universities, military leaders, & more. Click here to view this video.

No Other System in America Can Do What DegreeQuest Does!

Not only is degree exploration with DegreeQuest amazing, but it is unique: No one else can do for you what we can at DegreeQuest ... we know, as we have 34 patented processes to prove it!

Degrees at a Distance from Accredited Colleges Nationwide

Thousands of degree plans from Associate's to Ph.D's are in DegreeQuest from hundreds of colleges nationwide. Most are state or community colleges or private non-profit / not-for-profits.

Start Your Journey to the Degree You Desire Today!

The first step on your journey to a degree is to submit the online request. If you are a new student, simply use the form below. If a seasoned student, use the application form.

Needless to say, it would be a daunting task for students to try and compare the credit they have earned in the past with the degree requirements of colleges across the nation. With the power of DegreeQuest, it is easy! We can systematically identify the best options for students to consider. Let us show you!

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Considering pursuing a degree?

Explore degrees from accredited colleges & universities with DegreeQuest and know you made the right choice.

Does the math not add up?

If you have transferred in the past and lost credit, the cost to recover can be considerable. DegreeQuest is the solution!

Want to make an informed choice?

Compare detailed degree plans from DegreeQuest that match credit you've earned and your needs, goals & desires before enrolling.

Served in the Military?

DegreeQuest can identify degrees that fit the college credit you earned in the military. See how close you are to the degree you desire.

Need the fastest route to a degree?

With the power of DegreeQuest, explore colleges and universities offering accelerated academic terms.

Need an affordable degree?

DegreeQuest has thousands of degrees from colleges and universities offering tuition less than the national average.

Earned credit for professional training?

With DegreeQuest, apply credit earned for professionalo training from corporations & government agencies.

Need to overcome barriers to a degree?

Earn a degree online from the convenience of your home, your place, your pace with online degrees from DegreeQuest..

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Begin your journey to a degree with confidence knowing that you found their right degree for you!,
If you have already earned college credit in the past, click the "Get Started Now" button above to receive our free support, If you are just beginning your journey to a degree, simply submit the form at the bottom of this page and we will provide you with the assistance you desire.

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Real Quotes: Testimonials from just a few of the 190,000+ students we have supported in the past.

We're Student-Centric!

With the power of DegreeQuest, adult learners are finally able to identify which degrees best fit the credit they have earned in the past.

There are other sites that claim to match the needs, goals and desires of students to colleges, yet they have not got a clue as to whether the credit earned in the past will fit the degree requirements.
We also consider the needs, goals and desires of students, but we don't just stop there...
With our 34 patented processes and the state-of-the-art degree exploration system, DegreeQuest, we take the guess work out of degree selection.

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    Minimize Loss in Transfer

    You worked hard to earn the credit in the past; Keep it with DegreeQuest...

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    Earn an Accredited Degree Online

    Earn the same degree as students attending on campus from the convenience of your home...

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    College Credit for Professional Training

    See how the credit you earned can help you earn a degree quickly...

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